The next level of supply chain collaboration

Today’s supply chains become more and more complex by being spread over a larger global environment and bring with it organizational, operational as well as managerial and cost-related challenges for our customers. External dynamic factors leading to supply chain disruptions demand customer’s attention. Synchronizing all of your supply chain during and after a disruption is a core service of coNext.

coNext offers a neutral advanced fourth-party logistics (4PL) service using an integrated transportation management platform. We have the ambition of becoming the global leading fourth-party logistics provider through collaborative and sustainable value distribution.

We engage with our customers and redefine supply chain collaboration together, making it a productive and competitive component of our customers’ offering. As a customer you start with optimized prevention and exception processes to stabilize transport execution and enrich your insights into your operations through increased digitalization and automation.

Logistics and transportation are our main focus and providing simplified and efficient 4PL collaboration solutions to our customers is our passion.